Lagaao, Hum TV Drama Serial Watch Online

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Release date:
18 January 2016
45 minutes
45 as of 16th May 2016
Ham tc
Ali Masud Saeed
Sania Shamshad , Babar Khan, Zainab Qayyum

About Drama Serial Lagaao

romance, Hum TV

Lagaao is a Pakistani Drama Serial that was first premiered on Hum TV channel on 18 January 2016. Its Latest Episode was broadcast on on Hum TV channel and was of 45 minutes duration excluding ads. Drama Serial is production of Ham tc and is directed by Ali Masud Saeed . You can watch All Episodes of including Today Episode of Lagaao Hum TV channel here in best quality.

Lagao is the story of three friends: Nyla (Zainab Qayyum), Amber (Attiya Khan) and Sitwat (Saman Ansari). Nyla is married to Abeer (Adnan Jaffar) and Amber is married to Rana (Mehmood Aslam). Amber has a daughter Sumbul (Sania Shamshad) and Nyla has a daughter Maham (Maryam Fatima). However, Sumbul doesn't support her cruel father who is a sharp man. Once Rana is assassinated, she expresses that she didn't want the death of her father but she wanted him to cancel his harsh policies. However, before his death, he in a long voice said that Sumbul must marry his friend Taimoor's son Farhan (Babar Khan) which Sumbul refused. Nyla sees Abeer more attached with Amber as he also considers Amber as his friend and wants to marry her as when Sumbul calls he comes at that time without letting his wife know. Sitwat hasn't married but secretly wants Abeer. Finally, Maha also refuses to consider him as her father. There comes Amber's paternal aunt (Shamim Hilaly). Amber's paternal aunt comes in Amber's house and wants that Amber must marry again with another man. She first try to marry Amber with Abeer which actually didn't know that he has married to Nyla. Maham also stopped talking with Sumbul prior that she had always liked Abeer to help Amber and matry her. However, distance between Nyla and Abeer increased as Nyla saw Abeer and Amber in restaurant. Nyla tried to divorce Abeer and until she lived with her eldest brother. However, Nyla and Amber's relation came under strain and was braked, same with Sumbul and Maham. Sitwat became happy as she was said by Nyla that she make divorce papers. On otherside, Amber had a factory problem, which she said to Abeer to solve, she solved but it was all written in newspapers. Amber tried the best to hide this from Sumbul. Sumbul had already this file on computer. Sumbul became happy as somebody is with them