Ab Kar Meri Rafugari, Ary Digital TV Drama Serial Watch Online

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Ab Kar Meri Rafugari
Family Drama, love,
Release date:
31 March 2016
22 minutes
24 as of 14th July 2016
iDream Entertainment
Adnan Wai Qureshi
Ushna Shah, Ali Safina, Samina Peerzada, Usman Peerzada, Sakina Samoo, Shamim Hilali and young stars like Mira Sethi, Ushna Shah, Danish Raheel, Ali Safina, Shakeel, Maryam Ansari

About Drama Serial Ab Kar Meri Rafugari

Family Drama, love, Ary Digital

Ab Kar Meri Rafugari is a Pakistani Drama Serial that was first premiered on Ary Digital TV channel on 31 March 2016. Its Latest Episode was broadcast on on Ary Digital TV channel and was of 22 minutes duration excluding ads. Drama Serial is production of iDream Entertainment and is directed by Adnan Wai Qureshi . You can watch All Episodes of including Today Episode of Ab Kar Meri Rafugari Ary Digital TV channel here in best quality.

Ab Kar Meri Rafugari is a story on same lines; where girls are not allowed to marry anyone outside the family. Where daughters only get love but no trust. Then what if someone outside the family deeply falls in love with any of these girls from this conservative family?Will love obsession sustain or will taboo win the game?Taban is the main character of this story. She is competitive and an achiever but will she be able to fight with the taboo of her family? It was just a random meeting of Jazib and Taban and he fell in love with her. He thought it was love at first sight but it was not just love but obsession. He was utterly obsessed with her and did every possible and craziest thing to make her own.Will his obsession make her life beautiful or destroy her life forever? Zoofi is Taban’s sister. She has a very strong bond with Taban; but will she be able to support her in her hard times? Mujahid is the father of Taban and Zoofi.He is strict and dominant but loves his daughters more than life but daughters need trust more than love! Zahida is the mother of Taban and Zoofi, she is simple and subservient. Maida is the daughter of Mujahid’s deceased brother.She is waiting for her perfect match but not allowed to get married outside the family. Ayesha is Maida’s mother and her only wish is to see her daughter married in her life span.Shakeel is Taban’s cousin who is the evil character of the story.Love is not always an obsession. Everybody wants love..Everybody seeks love but if love becomes an obsession it either make the lives beautiful or destroys everything! So don’t forget to watch their story of love, trust and obsession..!!